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Quincy Drawing Robot

Quincy Drawing Robot

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Ready to wow the kids?

Quincy Robot is here! This is technology in children's toys taken to a level you've never seen before! Guaranteed to impress and excite any child with its ability to draw, spell and count in a fun and friendly way. The perfect AI-companion ready to educate and excite your loved ones.


A mechanical wizard that teaches children how to:
✔ Draw
✔ Spell
✔ Count
In an easy and fun way!

"With Quincy at hand, children will quickly learn how to draw and spell common objects. You can even ask Quincy math-related questions! Quincy will help sharpen a child’s artistic, grammatical and mathematical skills. It’s the perfect source of educational inspiration!"


✔ 1x Quincy Robot
✔ 4x Activity Books
✔ 26x Letter Cards
✔ 24x Picture Cards
✔ 10x Number Cards



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